Saturday, May 20, 2017

In Boise

The drive from Brigham City to Boise is pretty in places.  It’s all freeway.  It’s a long drive, but there’s no drama.


There’s one little climb, which got us high enough to see snow and fog.


Eventually, you come back down into mass agriculture.


It’s good that we came to Boise.  It’s a larger city with better medical people.  The two treatments of Gentian Violet did exactly nothing for the fungus. I was able to see a physician’s assistant in an ENT office who spent time suctioning out my ear and then dusting it with steroid/anti-fungal/drying agent powder.  That was yesterday.  It’s better today, but it’s still wet in there.  I’m supposed to go back again next Friday, but I may go sooner.  This really needs to be resolved before it makes its way into the middle ear.

One of the reasons we came to Boise was to ride the Boise Greenway.  It’s under water!  There is so much run off from the mountains that they’re having to release a lot of water.  This is a low point in the trail.


The river is running really fast. 



This is the entry to an RV park along side the river.  The park is dry, but there’s a lot of standing water.



We are liking Boise so far – but it’s early days.  Today we rode on the road, it’s hilly here!  I think we did more climbing today than we did all winter in Tucson.  There are bike lanes on many roads.  Although Jim was almost taken out by a teen-aged driver on the way back.  Monday we are going to check out a mountain bike park just up the road from here.  There are a lot of trails that are signed as green (easy) so maybe we can ride there.


  1. We have had Boise on our list to visit and ride in for several years and probably would have made it there this fall had I not had my accident, so I am interested in your impressions. I had heard that it had been super wet there this year. Shame about the greenway being under water! Also sorry about your continuing ear issues. I hope you can find someone good there to help. The inconvenience of getting medical care is one of the downsides of the nomadic lifestyle, I'm finding....

  2. What a bummer the greenbelt trail is compromised, it's such a nice place to ride!

  3. Too bad about the ear, and the Greenbelt trail being under water. It was such a nice ride. Look forward to your report on the "easy" mountain bike trails.

    1. Hope springs eternal that we find trails we can handle.

  4. We loved that bike trail...too bad. We will be dealing with lots of runoff, too...if it ever warms up. Lots of snow this year in the mountains and a forecast for wet June.

  5. All the best with the ear treatment. Strange weather patterns here too with unusually dry periods, which for Wales is very rare.