Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Jensen to Brigham City, UT

Today we drove from Jensen to Brigham City.  It’s a pretty drive.  There’s a surprising amount of water out there.  The reservoirs are full. This is one of them, I’m not sure which one it is.


Aren’t the mountains pretty?  Utah is such a lovely state.


There is a climb starting around Independence that goes up and over Daniel’s Summit, which is about 8,000 feet.  Going north, the climb is gradual.  Once you start down, it’s steeper but not bad, unless you are behind a double tanker truck who is controlling his speed.  Jim had to work at it not to overtake the trucks.

North of Heber there is a six mile climb with 6%, 4% and 5% sections.  Again the double tanker trucks were a pain in the rear.  They try to pass each other on the grade, and they can’t.   Once you reach the top, the descent is one mile at 5%.  There are other  grades that aren’t severe. 


The GPS wanted us to take 80W over to I15, and then drive through Salt Lake City. Do not do this!  It’s the same distance to take 80E to 84W and then on to I15 right around Ogden. When we drove through Salt Lake in June 2015, there was massive construction that looked like it would take years.  The stretch on 80E and 84W is just lovely.  Very bucolic.  You see a lot of this.  It was so much better than driving I15 through Salt Lake.


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