Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Brigham City on Day 118

We left Jensen a day early because there were things in Brigham City we wanted to see.  This is what we saw.  It snowed last night!  Snow!  I haven’t seen snow falling since the late 1980s.


It has snowed off and on all day. It’s also cold, and windy.


We drove into the historic downtown area to try to walk around a little, but it was really cold.  As the storms rolled through, the temperature dropped into the low 30’s.  That is so far outside of my comfort zone.  Look at the mountains and how obscured they are.


So, we did not get to the Bird Refuge.


Nor did we walk around the Mormon Tabernacle,


or the Mormon Temple.  The Mormon buildings are always so impressive in their scale.


We’re really hoping this weather pattern does persist.

After a week which saw Trump providing Russia top secret information, today was an active day for the administration.  Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein appointed former FBI Chief Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to investigate Russia’s role in the 2016 elections and Trump and associates’ involvement.  The Washington Post also reported that in 2016, the House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, opined that Putin was paying money to Trump.  Apparently there was a recording of the conversation, which was obtained by WAPO.  In other news, Trump is considering rolling back normalization of relations with Cuba.  Russia and China are taking advantage of this and moving in on the small island nation, 90 miles off our shores.  Last, but not least, Trump’s golf courses and resorts have really crappy internet security which would allow even a mediocre hacker to penetrate their defenses.

The sun is now out, against a really dark sky.  Wonder what’s next, locusts perhaps.

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  1. Sorry you are feeling cold...if only we would trade places for an hour or two! Those mountains look mighty inviting!