Monday, May 1, 2017

Moab – Jeep Arch and a Cool Trailer

Today we hiked out to and through the Jeep Arch.  This is actually the third time we’ve been out there.  It’s close, it’s lightly used and it’s a good workout.  What’s not to love?  One drives out Potash Road just past the Poison Spider trailhead, and looks for the drainage culvert.  Park there, walk through culvert and turn left at the sign for the arch.  There is a short bit of nasty walking, but it is short and then you’ll be amongst the scenery.


There will be things like this to look at.


When the signs warn of falling rock in Moab, they are not kidding.


After about 45 minutes or so of walking you come to this sign.  Go left, it’s the preferred direction.  You will be going up between those two rock formations, and going up is much easier than coming down that side.


There are three scrambles on the way up.  This is the first, and for me the worst.  Big steps up are required.  It’s tough to portray a death defying step up.  Ok, not death defying, but things never look as steep as they are.


One continues on after reaching the space between the rock formations.


Eventually the arch comes in to view.  It’s a Jeep!


This is the way up to the arch.  It’s actually really easy climbing here; many places to put the feet.


The view from the arch.


When you go back down the other side of the loop, there is a butt scoot. 


Keeping one’s butt firmly planted on the rock is a good thing.


After that rock, it’s all just down hill walking with pleasant views of everything.


We saw this when we returned to the RV park.  The tent/trailer has Georgia plates.  Someone has endured much deprivation to get here.


Look at the size of the tires.  This will go many places. You can view their website here.


Tomorrow we are up and out to Grand Junction, CO.  Wednesday I have an appointment with an ear nose and throat doc. My left ear has started popping, and my hearing goes in and out.  I have no idea what’s going on in there.  Thursday we’re going to a dealer to have the seven pin adaptor replaced.  Hopefully we’ll be back in Moab Thursday night.  Given the number of RVs in Moab, I’m astonished at the complete and total lack of RV service available in Moab.


  1. What a gorgeous hike! I remember a couple like that in the area, butt scoots and all. Of course, I was in my mid-40s when we did them. Good on you! Good luck with the rig service and ENT visit. Hope the doc can get to the bottom of the problem. I'll also be at the doctor's on Wednesday, so I'll think of you. :)

  2. Jeep Arch needs to go on my list, looks like a wonderful hike.

    That little tent trailer looks pretty darn awesome if one wants to "rough" it.

    Good luck in Grand Junction.