Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Ear, People and Internet Privacy

We saw the ENT again this morning.  It’s good news, bad news.  My ear is totally dry, so it’s not weeping anymore.  I was successful in keeping any and all water out of it since I saw her last.  The bad news is that she aggressively powdered my ear last visit.  The remaining powder has caked and hardened itself onto my ear drum.  She said I could just leave it there, but it kind of gives me the willies to have a pile of caked powder sitting on top of the perforation in the ear drum.  So she gave me two samples of an ear drop which allegedly will not feel like flaming pokers if they get into the middle ear.  I am to use them twice a day for two days, and then return on the 12th of June. 

Hopefully the drops will loosen the powder and she’ll be able to get it off the ear drum.  Today she was afraid to apply too much force for fear of tearing the ear drum, and then, of course there was the whimpering coming from moi.

People are so interesting.  There is a teeny tiny travel trailor across the street from us.  The man is about 6 foot 5.  I don’t know where he sleeps.  Plus, they are traveling with a Great Dane and standard Poodle.  I don’t know where anyone sleeps! 

And then there is this.


That’s an enormous 5th wheel, notice the triple axles.  He has a full on tractor trailer with a sleeper, and a smart car on the back.  Talk about difficult to park. 

And then there is internet privacy.  Without much coverage or fanfare, the Republicans have voted to allow ISPs to sell your personal data.  Their justification for this perfidy and malfeasance goes like this.
An opinion piece under Flake’s byline appeared in the Wall Street Journal on March 1, saying the rules took away “consumer choice” because people’s browsing histories could not be used to offer them “innovative and cost-saving product offerings.” The column said the rules would “create confusion” among customers because the FCC and FTC would regulate different parts of the “Internet ecosystem.” The same arguments and similar phrasing were used in a letter the industry coalition sent to Congress.
What Flake didn’t mention was the amount of money that flowed to him after he agreed to sponsor the bill.   The Washington Post covered vote and the background.  The article can be found here.

So, we continue to be amazed at the rabbit hole down which current politics take us.  And don't forget covfefe!


  1. He could have at least co-ordinated the colour scheme on that 5th wheel outfit.
    A POTUS for change and new words???

  2. Well I'm with Dave... the color scheme makes me want to throw up.
    So, 125 K for the truck, 120 K for the Fiver, 20 K for the'd think they could afford to paint the truck.

  3. I am so sorry about your ear. That's maddening.

  4. The ear saga continues...I bet you wish you could just close it off and get by without it for the rest of your life!

    There's a guy with an average size 5th wheel in our current park who tows it with a semi truck. Does his daily driving in the semi. I assume he used to be a trucker!