Friday, May 5, 2017

Moab - The Arches and New Shoes

It is HOT! today.  Muy caliente on this Cinco de Mayo.  We did not end up with either bike or hike because it was too dang hot. 
The last time we hiked, Jim rubbed the skin off the top of his big toe.  We decided that new boots were in order.  We went to Moab Gear and they did not have a good permanent boot solution, but they did have a pair of Merrells on sale 40% off.  They do not have a sole sufficiently stiff for the vicious rocks in Tucson, but they’ll be good for here.  The rocks here tend not to be so jagged.  The main thing is the larger toe box they provide.
After shoe shopping there was still time to be filled.  We decided to drive through Arches National Park.  There is massive road work underway.  The road is closed prior to the campground, no data on when that might be open.  Also closed is the online sign up for the Fiery Furnace ranger lead hikes.  That trail will be closed at some point for some period of time, currently unknown, so they just made the hike first come first serve.
It’s an impressive area.  It’s still early enough that although there are crowds, it’s not totally nuts.

The Fiery Furnace overlook.  The Fiery name is due to the way the rocks light up when the afternoon sun hits them.

When we returned home, C&C Mobile Wash was just finishing up with the bus.  They did a nice job.  They charge $3.50 a foot, and to me it’s worth every penny.  If you’re in the area with a dirty RV, call them at 435.216.8166.  Having it washed probably guarantees it will rain sooner, rather than later, but for today she looks good. (Update to post: it sprinkled the very next morning.)
Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler.  It’s our last day here, so something must be biked or hiked.


  1. I've worn Merrell's Moab Ventilators for years because they are comfortable but have always looked for alternatives due to their soft sole. I recently discovered Oboz. They fit me much like the Moab Ventilators (toe box, width) but have a sturdier sole. They also have good arch positioning to support my plantar fascia.

  2. Hope the new boots help Jim's toe; that sounds very uncomfortable. The special bandages made for blisters might help protect it further. You are getting all the heat, as we shiver here in NC. It's in the 50s today, and I am wearing flannel. Something is wrong with this picture when it's in the 80s in Canada and 50s in NC -- in May!