Saturday, May 6, 2017

Moab – Last Day

This is a tree we saw in Grand Junction.  I don’t know what it is.  Look at the number of flowers it is producing.  It’s just a lovely tree.  This is a cell phone camera photo, it’s not clear to me what it was focusing on.


We went back out to the Jeep Arch (again).  When we started walking it was warm, overcast with no air movement.  After about half an hour it started to clear.  Here we are at the first little rock scramble.  Notice Jim is wearing his new boots.  We are declaring victory for this sort of terrain.


As we approached the arch it got darker; after heading down the other side we got blasted with a couple of really strong gusts of wind.  Then the sky did this.


It was impressively dark.  There was thunder, no lightning.  We got sprinkled on, and we were happy about not getting drenched.  By the time we returned to the truck, we were back in bright sunshine.


Later there were thunderstorm warnings on television, and this behind us. 


I blame Jim for the rain.  He got the RV washed yesterday afternoon.


It didn’t rain long, just enough to spot everything and make more streaks.


Tomorrow we’re heading for Jensen.  We are hoping for calm winds and pleasant temperatures.

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  1. That is a gorgeous tree. I hope someone in the know will post what it is. Certainly not something I've seen in the east. Safe travels to Jensen!