Sunday, May 14, 2017

Dinosaur Tracks and Flat Rock Trails

We drove out to Redfleet State Park to look for the hike to the dinosaur tracks.  We ended up at the boat ramp which is not where we wanted to be.  But it was ok, we could see the battleships (on the left) and the area where the tracks are (on the bottom right next to the water).  So we left and drove north to Donkey Flat road which takes you to the trail head.  Just before the trail head the Vernal Simplot phosphate mine is on the other side of the road.


This sign alerts you to the fact that you could be in mortal danger.  I do wonder how one is supposed to be aware of potential blasting activities.


These are the battleships, aka the Redfleet.


It’s really pretty out there.


After about a mile and a half, we reached the site of the tracks. I think this is a footprint, but I would not swear to it.


Another view of the reservoir.  We were talking to a French guy at the boat ramp and he said that part of the water is really nice for kayaking.


On the way back from the tracks we took the turn–off for the Flat Rock loop.  It’s marked with red dinosaur feet painted on the rocks.  There are also mountain bike trails in the area, which are marked with red tags in the trees.  Sometimes the loop is marked with red tags, when there are no rocks to spray paint.  There were a couple of instances of not being sure if we were going the right way.


Who knows what the story is here?  This is a big rock formation.  It’s been painted to look like the rock, but there is a hole in it.


Cinder blocks and rebar were installed.


There is an arch, and brickwork in the back.  What?  What is this?


More scenic beauty.


This is from Google Earth.  It’s the phospate mine.

simplot vernal

I’m glad we did the hike, but I would not rate it as one of our favorites.  My feet are tender from surgeries, and they hated much of the trail.  You spend a fair amount of time of rock that’s not flat, but that is ridged.  But the time we got back, my feet were yelping.  I like the flatrock much better.

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