Monday, October 10, 2016

The Lakes RV and Golf Resort

During our two night stay in Chowchilla, we stayed at the The Lakes RV and Golf Resort.  It's one of those places where you can buy a site, and then build outdoor living room stuff on it.  The sites across from us were privately owned, they're pull in sites, so that the Class As can see the lake out of the windshield.  Fifth wheels have to back in and drag their utilities under the coach.

It's thoroughly landscaped.  There are hedges between the sites.  Niches have been carved for the utilities in the hedges.

The downside to this, is you either get a short sewer run and long water/power run, or vice versa.

Interior streets are paved, sites are paved.  We had to level a bit.  Verizon 4G was good.  There are no pesky trees to interfere with the satellite antenna.  The laundry room is small, but clean.  No data on the restrooms.  Transients do not get picnic tables and are forbidden to move one from someone else's site.

Here is the lake. 

Due to the drought their water pressure is extremely low.  We did something we've never done before, we took the water pressure regulator off.  Otherwise we could not shower or do dishes without running the water pump.  They also had a notice that one should spray around the coach for ants and other bugs, due to mild winter temps there are more bugs in the area.

It is a gated park.  They give you a remote so you can get in after arriving.  This is the exit, which is weight activated.

One of the permanent residents had this in their yard.  Have you ever seen such good looking Venus Flytraps?

It's a nice park.  If we were in the area and needed an overnight, we would go back.

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