Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Spending Time at Idaho Wrecker Sales

Today we went over to IWS Motorcoaches to look at a Super C.  This is the Renegade Classic, it's 40.5 feet long, which sounds like a lot until you realize that a fair amount of that length is eaten up by the cab of the truck.  It's a Freightliner Chassis with a Detroit Diesel engine.  It has mass quantities of horse power and torque, none of which I remember.
Fit and finish are really good.  They use real wood in the cabinets and not the fake wood so many RVs have gone to.  Their furniture is good, also.  Every Class A we've looked at so far would require the immediate ejection of all furniture.

All fluid levels are easily accessible.

It's pretty inside.  That's a porcelain tile floor.  There are choices a new owner can make in the configuration.  We would not want the computer desk and chair, my recliner would go there.  One could have a propane oven, but then one would have to sacrifice storage.

Ultimately, I don't think it would work for us.  Not enough storage.  Jim would have to get rid of all of his clothes so that mine would fit.  It does not appear to be a sacrifice he's willing to make.  There is, however, a lot of storage underneath. 

While at IWS we talked to Marty who knows his product backwards and forwards.  He basically conducted a class on the differences in chassis choices, the various transmissions and we did not stump him with any of our questions.  Few RV salespersons really know anything anymore.  It's just annoying.

They had this up on a screen in the back.  They told all employees we were coming and to be nice to us.  That's nice.

So, the search continues.  I'm really hoping that we get to be too rickety for the full time life style before our current RV wears out.  We haven't seen anything that we like as much as our current bus.  Despite her little quirks and foibles, she's the best so far.

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  1. Interesting! That's a pretty nice looking rig. Not sure if there would be room for our six bicycles inside, though. That sign was nice; I think they expected to sell you something!