Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lake Havasu City to Gila Bend, AZ

Today we took AZ95 to I10 to AZ85 to Gila Bend.  Both 95 and 10 are in better shape than they have been.  Large sections of I10 have been repaved, and that's a good thing.  Coming back to Arizona this early is fraught with peril.  When we originally decided to make the plunge south, the forecast showed the heat breaking before we arrived.  Then they changed the forecast.  Tucson will reach 97 tomorrow.  It's supposed to drop November 1, so it won't be forever, unless it is.

I like the drive around Parker. This is the Bill Williams River NWR.  It's just a lovely area.

There is a lot of development along the river.  This is the far side, it may be California.

This is the AZ side, there is much golf.  They've been building houses that front right on to AZ95, so much of the old view is now blocked.  I can't believe people will live on what is essentially a freeway.

I did spot some wooly looking palm trees.

Over all, it's not a terrible drive.  Tomorrow will be very short, we're hoping to be up and out early so we can get the RV parked and hooked up before the heat of the afternoon.  It was 93 when we got to Gila Bend.  Hot!

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  1. We've only been back a week and I'm so ready for the 90's to go away.