Monday, October 24, 2016

Moss Landing to Bakersfield, CA

Our route today was CA156 through Castroville to US101.  It's marginally better than Hwy 99.  At Paso Robles we turned east on to CA46.  We stayed on CA46 all the way over to Hwy 99.  There is not a lot out there.  The alternative is to go south on I5 and then pick up CA58.  That route looked like it had more cross streets and was not a straight shot.  If you're on Hwy 99 it's a right exit onto CA58.  It's not a terrible route. There are some rough patches, but it's California.  Their roads are not great.

The first section continues through massive agricultural areas.

As one goes farther south, it becomes dryer and browner.

There are miles of almond trees.  Foreground is what it looks like without water.  With water, you can grow just about anything here.

See the house on top of the hill?  He has a paved driveway up to it, lined with pyramidalis trees. 

This was the most surprising thing we saw.  We did not know California is an oil producing state.

Bakersfield is an unlovely place.  I will spare you pictures of the area.

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