Thursday, October 6, 2016

Mountain Home, ID to Winnemucca, NV

Today's route was I80 to Idaho 55 to US95.  Idaho 55 is only 17 miles long, but it's obnoxious.  The road surface is rough, and there are stop lights.  US95 was ok, it goes through Idaho, Oregon and Nevada.  The road surface varies by state.  It was a noisy drive, over all.  I am a little frazzled from all of the road rumble.
This is Marsing, Idaho.

Kids still toilet paper houses here.

There is a lot of scenery.

In Oregon the road straightens out and stays that way for about 50 miles.

Given that we started in Mountain Home, and we're heading to Chowchilla, this is pretty much the only direct route.  The downside to US95 is that there is not one single passing lane.  We spent a long time behind this over sized load.

Jim would prefer not to drive US95 again, but as I said, it's the only route available unless you're far enough east to take US93.

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  1. We're headed down that route tomorrow starting from Boise. But we're only going as far as McDermitt the first day. Not sure if we'll stop in Winnemucca or not.