Sunday, October 23, 2016

Last Day in Moss Landing

People are so interesting.  A couple in a Class A came in this afternoon.  He backed in to his site with very little direction from his wife.  Unfortunately he took out an above ground water pipe, breaking it off.  Water in the park has been out all afternoon, thus negating my plans for cooking meals ahead and freezing them.  I wonder if they’ll bill him for the damage he created.

It’s been a slow day, it’s really windy and cold.  It’s a good thing that we went to Fort Ord yesterday.  We went over to Phil’s Fish Market and got another sack of crab meat for dinner.  It’s good that we’re leaving tomorrow, Jim might have to get a job to support the crab habit.

We also watched the sea lions.  I don’t know how this guy gets into his boat.  Sea lions are viscious, so you can’t move them off the dock.


There were many of them hauled out today.



We’re up and out for Tucson tomorrow.  We’re going to do it in four short days so we can just get there.

In sporting news, Lewis Hamilton won his 50th F1 race today in Austin, TX.  He and two other racers have won 50 or more races, ever. Good job, Lewis.

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