Saturday, October 8, 2016

Grand Sierra Casino and RV Park

While in Reno we stayed at the Grand Sierra Casino and RV Park.  I watch a fair amount of Law and Order, so when I see "GSR" my mind immediately goes to gun shot residue.  Which is what we took to calling the casino.

I have mixed emotions about the RV park.  It's a parking lot.  The roads are paved, but they're in disrepair and need some maintenance.  Sites are paved, but the concrete is cracked, and they also need maintenance.  You will need to level.  The pull throughs are not long enough to keep your towed vehicle attached to the RV.  Power was good.  The water is not particularly good tasting and you will need a regulator because the pressure is very high.  I have no data on the laundry or restrooms.  Verizon 4G was good.

There are trains.  There is a nearby airport.  There is noise.  I found it difficult to sleep because of said noise.

There is an attached casino if you are so inclined.

There is also the attraction of "over water golf."  People stand on those fake grass mats and try to hit the islands in the "bay."  The bay is actually a storm water retention pond.

Those are the little islands one tries to hit with the golf ball.

The advantage to the GSR is the location.  It's just off of I80, easy off, easy on.  It's close to a Costco, Trader Joe's and REI.  We managed to get to all three locations after the short drive down from Winnemucca.  Visually it is totally and completely unappealing, as is most of Reno.  The Sparks Marina RV park is nicer looking, but is poorly placed for provisioning.  So, for an overnight it's tolerable, but that's about it.


  1. We liked the pool at GSR and that it was close to the River trail, which allowed for nice bike rides or long walks. Enjoy your southerly migration.

  2. We stayed at the Sparks Marina Park when we were there. We were not impressed with Reno and not sure we will ever go back. We are currently in Hawthorne, NV - continuing on down 95.