Thursday, October 27, 2016

Return to Tucson

We're back in Tucson.  Might have been a little early, but we're here.  This October was the hottest in recorded history, and today was the hottest day of the month.

This is a note to self.  When Jim pulls forward to park the RV, this is how I know when he's in the right place.  I stand by the power pole.  I line up the trailing edge of the back tire with the leading edge of the palm tree.  I've had difficulty knowing how far to tell him to drive forward.  So now I have a visual.

As in the past, blogging will taper off a bunch now.  We've hiked it, biked it, and blogged it in past years.


  1. It's still quite warm here in southern Utah so it must be hot in Tucson. Maybe you can make it to McDowell in December? We'll be there.

    1. It was really really hot today. By Wednesday, it should be tolerable. How long will you be in McDowell? We booked four days in February, thinking it might be warmer than past Decembers.

  2. Welcome Home! Hope to see you soon!

  3. Glad you made it back to Tucson safely. I hope the weather will break for you soon! We're doing winter in Florida again this year, since we needed to be in the east for doctor's appointments and family visits this fall. We liked the place we stayed last winter so will stay there again, but perhaps next winter we will try Tucson.