Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Doing Time in Pueblo West

We had a pretty good sunset last night.  It was hot. It was hot today.  Temperatures are running at least 15 degrees over normal.

 Today we went out and rode the mountain bikes on the trails in Lake Pueblo State Park.  This is the spillway for the dam.

Here we are at the beginning of the trail.  It was benign here.

And here we are further up the trail, where it had been less benign.  I did some walking. There were some very narrow side hill trails that were just giving me the willies.

Over all it was fun, except for the wretched biting flies.  I did not know flies have teeth.  My legs are all welted up from being bitten when we would stop to read the map, or when I was walking.   Tomorrow we need to go earlier.  I got too hot today.

Colorado is an interesting state.  The congressman who is trying to unseat Senator Udall wants to pass laws outlawing abortion for any reason and birth control.   The rebuttal ads to Udall's campaign discussing this topic feature women standing around in the kitchen talking about how they aren't single issue voters, and Udall should address what he's going to do about the cost of food and gas.   So you get this political climate, and then there is the whole marijuana thing.  There is a pot dispensary on just about every street corner.  It's just amazing.  I don't understand how legalizing pot ever passed in this state.

We've been spending time with my brother and after two days it's just sucking the marrow out of our bones.  Alzheimers can exacerbate a person's worst personality traits, and I have to say Laurence has become difficult to be around.  Since he is not going to change, we must cultivate our "good - fine, whatever" response.  He bought a new carbon fiber bicycle today, so I guess while we're here we'll ride with him and see how it goes.  I'd like to have him micro chipped in case he gets lost.

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  1. The lake is gorgeous! Nothing worse than biting flies. They get buzzing around your head and don't leave. I hate to stop because I know the end result!