Sunday, September 21, 2014

Evanston, WY to Fort Collins North/Wellington KOA

Travel can be so entertaining.  Today was another long day.  We traveled across Wyoming on I80 today.  It started off dark but eventually lightened up some.

It's good that it got brighter.  It allowed us to see the two giant deer who decided to cross a four lane freeway without looking both ways.  The semi in front us us locked up his brakes avoiding them.  Fortunately for us, they kept going across the road and we didn't have to do a panic stop.  This is the first time I've ever seen deer on a freeway during daylight.  We were both wide awake after that.

Eventually we reached the outskirts of Fort Collins.  I checked the mobile website for the Fort Collins/Lakeside KOA, and it told us not to follow GPS instructions, but to follow those on the website.  So we did.  The first thing we saw was a KOA sign at the end of the off ramp pointing east, the directions said go west.  We called the RV park and the guy on the phone says go west, but that there was construction in the area; just follow the detour signs, you'll be fine.  Right.  The steenking road was closed.  The roads to the north and south were not paved.  We don't like to drive on dirt roads in unfamiliar areas.  So, we unhooked the pickup truck, backed up, and headed from whence we came.

Here we are, out in the middle of nowhere.

It worked out, we ended up at a KOA that was much closer to the freeway.  What really pisses me off is that there was nothing about road closures on the mobile website.  There is nothing on the reservations page, either.  They do mention the closure on the information screen, but that is not a page I used, I went directly to reservations.  I think KOA could do a better job with notification, or maybe the guy on the phone could have been a little more informative about the unpaved roads when we first called.

We're at the other Fort Collins North KOA.  We did not book here originally because it got such terrible reviews.  Our experience is that it's not totally awful.  This is the view from the windshield.  We can hear I25 with the front door open, but it's not completely obnoxious.

Sites are not squished together.  You will have to level, there's a pretty good drop off on the passenger side.  We can not get satellite, due to that wretched tree.  Park internet does not work at all for us.  We have good 4G on Verizon.  Power is good, water pressure is good.  Interior roads are paved, but they are narrow.  We didn't brush any trees, but it's narrow.  It's not a terrible park.  If we pass through this way again I think we would stay here again.

The Fort Collins/Lakeside KOA, where we did not stay, is really really far off the freeway, and it's an out and back to I25.  We had a failure to study the map and determine how far they actually were, so we're glad we did not go there.  We would have spent more in diesel to go there than the reservation fee we just forfeited.
Tomorrow we are off to Pueblo West. 

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  1. We had a deer run out in front of us on I-15 in Idaho last week. Made it across all four lanes, barely missed getting hit by a semi. I was freaking out!
    Sorry you missed the Tetons. It's been really nice here. See you soon in Cap Reef, I hope.