Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Last Ride in Carnation Valley

Labor Day weekend in the GPNW did not disappoint.  It rained like heck on Saturday, and was sort of snotty on Sunday.  We felt so bad for the families that had loaded the wagons and headed out for the national parks around here.  Monday, of course, was a glorious day.  Perfect temperatures, blue skies, white puffy clouds.  We headed out to the Carnation Valley for a ride.  Both of us completely forgot about the road closure.  Fortunately we were able to get around the fences and across the bridge.

Putting up this scaffolding had to have taken a fair amount of time.

The bridge will be painted.

The always lovely Sikes Lake.

This is very good news.  After 40 years, the Tall Chief golf course went out of business.  Developers bought the land and were going to build houses.  Fortunately, King County stepped in and bought the land.  Given the propensity of that area to flood, the last thing they need is more impervious surfaces.  The plan is to lease the land to people who will farm the non-wetland parts of the parcel.

Today we took the truck in for maintenance, walked around Bellevue some while we waited and then went to Costco.  The crowds at Costco were unbelievable.  Why aren't these people at work?


  1. Allison,
    I would like to follow your blog, but can't figure out how to do that. Any suggestions?

    1. The button fell off the blog. It's back now, and with any luck it's working like it used to. Thanks for asking!

  2. Totally with you on the Costco crowds and wondering if anyone works anymore. Seems like everywhere we go these days mid-week, it's packed and we're wondering the same thing! I think there are just too many people around these days. I'm sure some work nights, work for themselves so have flexible hours, telecommute, or are unemployed or retired. But there are just too many people!