Saturday, September 13, 2014

Harrisburg to Bend,OR

Yesterday's key learning was this:  Get diesel in Halsey before heading out to Bend.  There is a surprising lack of truck stops on I5 up to Salem, where we turn off for highway 22.  Once on 22, there is the Santiam Quik Mart which is RV accessible, but only if the left hand pump island is available.  There's no where to pull off and wait.  We lucked out, got in the station and filled up.  We would have made it to Bend without a stop, but I feel better about things when the tank is full.  There's no fuel out there!  Too many trees.
We also saw this on I5 southbound.  I missed the cause of it shooting through the windshield, unfortunately.  Some sort of large farming equipment had fallen off its flatbed.  Only one lane was getting through.

This went on for about seven miles.

This was taken after cresting the Santiam Pass.  This is where the B&B fires burned.  It's still pretty stark.  We saw some baby trees, but not as many as we thought we would.  But hey, what do we know about forestry?  We're from the city.

We are now at Crown Villa RV park.  While it is a lovely park, providing lovely vistas of grass and the wretched trees, I find their pricing paradigm obnoxious.  The Silver row, the least expensive sites near the road, are only available for a week minimum.  One must upgrade to the Gold or Platinum spaces to stay for less than a week.  We had wanted to stay in Sisters, but they were totally full Friday night.

Did I mention the wretched trees?  This is the first time since we got the roof top satellite antenna that we have not been able to get a signal.  OF COURSE this was the night before the final mountainous stage of the Vuelta a Espana which we really wanted to see.   Fortunately, the park internet does not suck.  We were able to log on to Universal Sports and watch it live this morning.  It meant waking up early, but it was kind of fun laying in bed with the electric blanket on with two laptops monitoring the race.  Unless something terrible happens tomorrow in the TT tomorrow, Roberto Contador should win.  Not bad for a guy that broke his leg in the Tour de France.
Well, it's warming up some.  It's time to dig the mountain bikes out of the back of the truck.


  1. Last September we paid about $850 for a month in the Silver Tier at Crown Villa...this year they have raised the rate to over $1,000/month for Silver in Sept! Hans complained to them that they are pricing the average person out of their park...they say they are being competitive. And, unfortunately, they have no competition in Bend (obviously Scandia is no competition), so they can get away with it. Pisses us off too!

    1. Were they full last September? They're about 40% empty at the moment.