Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bend and Bend to Boise, ID

This is a quote from a New York Times article regarding Portland, which reminded me of Bend.
Schrock and Jurjevich, the economists at Portland State, have coined a term, the amenity paradox, that refers to cities where the same amenities that attract people end up eroding what made a city desirable in the first place.
Bend is growing at a ferocious rate.  It's good for the city, tax revenues are what make the world work, but it's getting a little crowded.  We really noticed the degradation of the mountain bike trails at Phil's, they are just being loved to death.  The Phil's trail is now one way downhill.  As a result, the trail is widening due to people going too fast and missing turns.  Chatter bumps are appearing from excessive braking.  Giant holes are forming under tree roots as dirt is shoved in one direction (downhill).  I'm certain the trail was designated one way due to crowding, but it's not good for the trail.
We didn't get to Peterson Ridge due to me succumbing to the cold I've been fighting off for a week, so I don't know how the trails are doing up there.
However, the Mill District is still cuter than a bug and downtown looks good, as well.

The drive from Bend to Idaho on Hwy 20 was tiring.  Up down, up down, and then a 20 mile gradual descent with 45 mph turns that required constant vigilance to keep one's speed in check.  It would be a great road on a motorcycle, but not so much in a class A. 
Here is what it looks like out there.

Why are we in Boise?  Everybody has to be somewhere.  Actually, we're sort of meandering toward southern Utah.  We thought we would check out riding in this area while waiting for it to be time to go south.  It's hotter than hell here, which we did not expect.  Tomorrow's high is forecast to be 94.  It's September, already!


  1. It's too bad that when a good place is found it is soon over run with people. Too bad about the trails.

    Sure hope it cools down some...94 is way too warm!

  2. It's too bad it's so warm in Boise. We are headed inland today into the heat as well (Roseburg, OR). The Boise Riverside trail is very nice and has a good amount of shade. Most of the trail is paved.