Tuesday, September 9, 2014

RV Maintenance and Repair

We're in Harrisburg, OR to see Elite RV.  The Oregon Ducks are big in this part of the world.  The amount of logo clothing people wear is amazing.  But then there is this.  Someone took a vintage Airstream and painted it YELLOW.   It's being towed by an old school bus.

This area is so pretty.  Spending time in Issaquah was good, but it makes us jangly. There is so much traffic and so many people in the area that after awhile we were just getting a little nuts.  I said to Jim today that when we're driving through the fields I can feel my blood pressure dropping.

We're going to be here for a few days.  This morning we mentioned to Erik that the refrigerator condensation collection cup over flowed and water ran across the tile floor in the kitchen.  This would be the floor that was re-grouted while we were in Europe.  Water running across said floor can raise the tile.  We thought it was due to the high humidity in Seattle causing the water to not evaporate as it is supposed to.  Nope.  The frig doors are not closing properly.  Warm air is getting in, the refrigerator is working like a dog to stay cold and there is way too much condensation forming.  Erik is hopeful that he can figure out what's wrong with the doors and fix it.  If not, we may be getting a residential refrigerator.   Aaaarrgh!
The other thing we're doing is Hydro Hot maintenance.  We've been finding a sand like substance in the faucet aerators.  It's scale.  There is a copper coil that takes cold water through the boiler antifreeze to heat it; the water in Tucson has given us scale in the coil.  Five gallons of vinegar will sit in the coil for 12 hours - sort of like cleaning your Mr. Coffee. So, if you have a Hydro Hot, please make a note of this.
Other than RV maintenance and repair, I have zippity doo-dah all to report.

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