Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Vacuum Breakers and Feet

Do you know what this is? No?  Neither did we until yesterday morning.  We had a bunch of serendipity.  Jim was out dumping and flushing the black tank.  While waiting for the tank to fill, he was looking in the storage bays to see if there were any mice stuck to the sticky traps.  While looking, he noticed water running down a bulkhead that contains the Aladdin electronic sending units.  Bad, so very bad.  Water and electronics, never a happy combination. So we started the search for the source of the water.  We traced it to this brass thingy that looks like a hat, conveniently located behind where the washer/dryer used to be.  It's a vacuum breaker.  The fitting below the teflon tape had loosened up, allowing water to leak out and run down the blue pipe into the storage bay.  We had to text a picture of it to Erik at Elite Repair to find out what it was.  Who knew?

The top of the hat.  I like the name Cash Acme - it reminds me of a Roadrunner cartoon.

After the great weekend, the weather turned on us.  This morning we had sideways rain mixed with ice pellets.  Yea!!!!  There were also some short lived sun breaks.

So today we went back to Costco with my new sunglasses that are incredibly painful on my nose.  They took them back, which really surprised me.  I gave the other pair that didn't fit to Jim, so now he has new good sunglasses.  Prior to today I did not know I had to ensure that the temples could be bent far enough behind my ears to hold them tightly on my face, and that the space between the lenses needs to be small for my "high narrow bridge."  It took about 90 minutes to settle on something.  My most favorite pair I ever owned broke the other day, very tragic.
After Costco we went to Safeway and swiped produce bags.  I plan on bagging my foot and taping it off with painter's tape when bathing. 
Tomorrow is surgery.  We have to be there at 6:30 in the morning!  6:30!!!!!!  Argghhhhh!!!!!!!!  I really hate getting up early.  Dr. Lewis already wrote me a prescription for Oxycodone, which makes my wonder how bad this is going to be.  The two right foot surgeries were not all that painful, except for when the bandage rubbed all the skin of the top of my foot on one of my bony protuberances.  That was really the worst of it.  Anyway, it'll be something.
There may not be blogging for a couple of days, so stand by for further updates.

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