Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Glorious Weekend in the GPNW

The weather this weekend was a gift.  The sun was out, and it was just glorious.  I had to laugh at us yesterday.  When we lived here, we rode all winter.  We had our clothing choices for the bikes calibrated in 10 degree increments.  For a given forecast we knew what to start off with and what would be coming off as the day warmed up.  Yesterday we left when it was 55 with a chill in the air, neither of us could decide what to wear.  After significant rummaging through the bike box we found the toe booties and the head socks.  As it turned out, they were over kill, but the rest of the kit felt pretty good.
Today we went out to Fall City.  It was 70 at the end of the ride.  This is very unusual for this time of year.  Sometimes it's unusual even in the summer.   The water buffaloes were out, the ones foreground are wallowing in the mud.  They looked happy.  They're so far away, it's tough to get a good picture of them.

The always lovely Sikes Lake.  There were no geese today, only ducks.

It's pumpkin season in Carnation Valley.  Jubilee Farm is running horse drawn wagons out to the pumpkin patches.

Tomorrow a new system will be visiting the GPNW, bringing us rain.  It's ok, we must vacuum, clean the tile floors and defrost the freezer.  If we wait much longer, the ice maker is going to freeze solid and quit making ice cubes.  That would be bad.

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  1. We have an interesting time judging what to wear as we hit all these different climates and weather patterns on the road. Too funny that you are having to relearn what you were so good at in another lifetime!