Wednesday, October 16, 2013

One Week out from Surgery

Yesterday was the one-week-post-surgery bandage changing.  I can't say that it really looks much better than it did.  Bruising is down, but the incisions are still fairly unattractive.  Dr. Lewis says it looks fine, and not to worry about the pain in the bottom of my foot.  As I suspected, spreaders between the bones were used as well as a fair amount of digging around in the foot. It will be nice when I can put some weight on that foot.  My right hip is beginning to complain about the amount of time I spend standing on one foot.  This has, however, considerably streamlined my post shower beauty ritual to the bare minimum.
It's not raining this week.  We've having fairly dense fogs which take half a day to burn off.  These were taken yesterday on the way to the surgeon for the previously mentioned re-wrapping of the foot.

See the fog in the background?

Here is the foot, one week out.  It's still sort of damp along the edges.

We're hoping to leave next Wednesday after the next bandage change.  Dr. Lewis has a colleague in Phoenix, and we're thinking we could go see her for the removal of stitches.  We just can not stay here for the entire month of October.  The bus needs some attention at Elite RV and we would really like to be south of the Siskiyous mountains before it snows.  I hate me some snow in an RV! 
I am just beyond bored.  Jim is bored, as well.  The highlight of today will be a trip to Walgreen's.  If it's not too cold, maybe Jim will push me over to Fred Meyer's.  Whoo hoo!


  1. Glad you are healing! This aging stuff with all the surgical repairs is a bummer. The only thing worse would be not having the surgeries available. Now we can get on with our lives. Yay!

  2. I am so glad that it is healing nicely, what a lovely picture ;) Now, as for Elite, just make sure that you don't bump into our RV while you are there, OURS will be there a week from today! We leave tomorrow to drive it points NW. We are then taking the train to Portland, staying the night to say Hi to Dad and then flying out Tuesday back here to Houston. Once again, we will be two ships passing in the day ;)