Monday, October 28, 2013

The Stitches Are Out

It rained yesterday, and took the fog away.  Finally!  Today was cool but with brilliant sunshine.  It was a good day to go the the doctor and have the stitches removed.

Here is before.  I had enough pain meds on board that it wasn't too terrible.  I know Dr. Lewis thinks I am a total wimp, but actually it's because I am a delicate flower.  He said my toes still look like snausages.  There is also a lot of swelling on the underside of the ball of my foot.  I couldn't figure out why my foot felt so lumpy when I walked, it's because the sole of my foot is hard from the presence of so much fluid.

Here is the after.  Eventually the incisions will flatten out and fade.  I am really looking forward to washing my foot.  After three weeks wrapped in gauze and an ace bandage, it really needs an application of soap and water.  I'm not supposed to soak it for another week, so I guess I'll continue showering while sitting on the foot stool in the shower stall.

Tomorrow we are leaving. We're having a continuation of the feeling of unreality; first that we were back here in October, and now that we are finally leaving.  We have the walkie-talkies on the charger, Jim has filled the fresh water tank, we've laid in food for a couple of days and we are ready.  


  1. You're foot looks much better!

    Travel safely! We are on the road tomorrow, as well!!!

  2. I'm glad you are healing up! And off on adventures! That's the whole point -- get the surgery so you can live the life you enjoy.