Thursday, October 24, 2013


If you watched the NBC Nightly News tonight, you saw a clip of the Seattle fog.  They're calling it Fogmageddon.  Cliff Mass wrote about it a couple of days ago, if you're interested in the meteorological reasons behind it. Basically, we have a huge ridge of high pressure, a temperature inversion, and no wind to move it all along.  Here are some photos borrowed from the SeattlePI.
These are the cranes that unload the container ships on Harbor Island.

Downtown Seattle.

The land on the left is Alki, in West Seattle.  That's fog on Puget Sound.

Today we went to the Redmond Town Center.  True to the nature of Redmond, it's a huge shopping mall.  The town itself is just amazing.  It used to be a nice little bedroom community, now huge apartment buildings have sprouted everywhere.  Roads have not sprouted along with the apartments, I can only imagine what traffic will be like in a few years.  These are now everywhere.

Have you ever spent any time in a wheelchair?   Today I used the chair instead of walking into Macy's because of the distances involved.  People will not look at me.  I have to force the issue to make them look at me so I can ask a question, such as where is the ladies room.  People are very uncomfortable with people in chairs.  And then there are the ladies rooms.  Yes, there are handicapped accessible stalls just about every where, but look at the door to the restroom.  It opens out, it's heavy.  Imagine sitting in your chair and pulling on the door.  The brake on the wheelchair has to be set to get any leverage on that door.  Then one must yank on the door, release the brake, back up the chair, rinse repeat.  There are some doors that I just can not get open.  Jim has had to spend time in the ladies this week rescuing me from stalls that are too small to wheel in to, and doors that are too heavy to open. 
We took the wheelchair back to the rental place this afternoon, so I'm now committed to walking on the foot. May the force be with me.

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  1. Who knew it was so difficult to use the handicapped accessible facilities?? I've seen fog in Newfoundland, but never anything like that!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, now I have to reaad backward and find out what happened to your poor foot.