Thursday, October 31, 2013

Harrisburg to Canyonville Oregon

We were up and out very early this morning.  We had to take the bus down to Davis Cabinets to get one of our MCD shades unstuck.  It wouldn't roll up past the mid-point.  When it would roll up, it would veer off slightly to one side.  The fix is to completely unroll it and put a masking tape shim on the roller on the side that's bunching up.  Then we were back to Elite for new drawer glides on the silverware drawer.  The old ones were shot, and the drawer would open while we were driving.  Bad, very bad.
We went down to the Monaco plant to pick up some parts.  We saw this on the way south.  Is this a cute little windmill or what?  Cute, cute, cute.

On the way back we saw the rain coming.  We had a fairly damp departure.

After driving south for about 90 minutes, the weather improved.  This part of the state is so pretty when the sun is shining on it.

Now we are at Seven Feathers RV Resort and Casino.  This is one of the best parks anywhere.  The interior roads are paved, the sites are concrete and it's just lovely.  The sun was out when we arrived, we could hear the angels singing.

And now for a foot update.

I'm wearing flip flops.  Yay!!!!!!!!!  They're so much more comfortable than the boot.  I can now get to the shower without using crutches.   I'm still having the random nerve pain.  Now it's in the tip of my middle toe, the one that has virtually no nerves left.  It feels like someone is sticking a needle in the end of my toe and applying electricity.  It makes me yell when it happens.  Poor Jim has slammed on the brakes more than once thinking I was reacting to danger. Hopefully this will not be a permanent feature of the new foot.
So, we've decided just to put our heads down and head to Tucson.  While there is much to see and do between here and there, I'm still very limited in how much walking I can do, so we're just going to go south for the winter.


  1. Great fall foliage!

    Glad to see your foot looking better and becoming useful again:)

  2. I have long heard that 7 Feathers is an excellent park but had not seen photos...beautiful! If it were a little closer to my daughters house we'd try it out when in the area.

    Glad to see you getting more mobile by the day!

  3. Glad you were able to take advantage of a stop at Seven Feathers along the way south. We stayed for the first time last June and didn't want to leave. So gorgeous!