Saturday, October 12, 2013

Renting a Wheelchair

Greetings from the post-surgical ward.  Jim and I were talking about it this morning, and we've decided that if anyone ever becomes chronically ill, we will be buying a house.  It's difficult convalescing in a RV; there's no where to go, nothing to do.  We've watched movies, gotten caught up on television series and now we're watching BBC America.  I'm not crazy about the current Dr. Who.

We rented a wheel chair today.  I needed to get out of the RV, badly.  When I had the first foot surgery, I relied on crutches.  NEVER DO THIS.  It puts 100% of your weight on one foot.  Plantar fasciitis is frequently caused by rapid weight gain, you know, like a 100% increase.  So, for a year after the first right foot surgery, I had to deal with my left foot as well. Lesson learned, use wheels.  It's kind of a crappy wheel chair, the handles are too low and Jim has to lean way over to push.  But it did get me out for a bit.
Sorry the posting is so pitiful.   It's the nature of the beast.  Hours of tedium followed by more elevating the foot.


  1. I empathize with you. I BADLY sprained my ankle going down the bedroom to living room 5th wheel steps. We picked up some crutches, but to go up and down the stairs, I slid on my butt. Easier than crutches. 6 weeks later and I'm walking, but still maneuver down steps weird. I saw Yellowstone, from our truck, since it was too difficult to get in and out. A house would have been appreciated at that time.
    Heal quickly.

  2. Good idea not to overdo it with your good foot. I too would have a very hard time being cooped up for an extended period of time!