Friday, October 4, 2013

Das Boot(s)

Woe, woe is me.  We went to see the surgeon yesterday.  For some reason Jim and I both had it in our heads that stitches would come out in 1 week.  No, stitches come out after 3 weeks.  We live in an RV,  there is no bath tub.  Personal hygiene becomes difficult when you are wearing a giant inflatable walking boot and you can't get your foot or the boot wet. The COs have graciously granted me access to their bath tub, but one hates to intrude.  However, one probably will have to a few times a week.
The good news today was that insurance will cover a second boot.  I have to sleep in it, as well as walk around outside in it.  I don't sleep in my shoes and was not looking forward to sleeping in a boot that had been outside.
I'm sort of despondent about it being three weeks before the stitches come out.  As I've said before, I'm starting to feel like an RV.  It's always something.  We were really looking forward to getting back in shape after the three month hiatus after the heart procedure.  Now there's at least another month of inactivity.   I have noticed that as I get older, the length of time required to get back strength and cardio increases.  However, it is what it is.
This is the look I'll be sporting after surgery.  Fortunately my new jeans have a wide enough leg that I can roll them up.  

Today was a glorious day.  The sun was out and it got up into the mid-60s.  It was unnerving how warm and nice it was.  The weekend is supposed to be good as well.  I'm thinking we'll dig the road bikes out of the bed of the truck and go ride, albeit slowly. 


  1. Hang in there! Just keep reminding yourself how great it will be to be pain free for future rides and hikes:)

    That terrific news that insurance purchased a second boot. Wearing it 24/7 could get ugly with only one boot.

    I love your analogy...we really are very much like an RV...there's always something! Haha!

  2. Fingers crossed the healing progresses as expected and that your return to activity is pain free!

  3. Best wishes for rapid healing. And I confess, I have a secret desire to rent an Airstream and tour America...