Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Day With Elite RV and Remodel

We are in Harrisburg, OR in the Riverbend RV park.  It's about three minutes away from Elite RV, which is why we stay here.  It's not a bad park, its biggest drawback is the water.  If you come here, bring drinking water and turn off your ice maker.  The Brita is defeated by the water here, even the filtered water smells of swamp.  Other than that, it's a fine place to stay.
This is from this morning.  It was a lovely start to the day.

Since I still have limited mobility, we spent much of the day hanging out in Erik's yard waiting.  In the early afternoon we were dispatched on a parts run for a new vacuum breaker.  Monaco doesn't stock them anymore, but Northwest RV Parts had them.  The nice lady who works there pulled one for us so we were in and out quickly.
This part of Oregon is very agricultural and it's very pleasant to look at.  The fields and the hills are extremely bucolic.  This is a recently harvested field.  Way out in the distance is a fire.  There were several little fires in the distant hills.  Controlled burn didn't seem to make sense, but we also didn't see anyone dumping fire retardant on them.  It's a mystery.   Nonetheless, it was a very pleasant drive down to Eugene.
This billboard has been here as long as we've been going to Northwest RV Parts.  I just don't know what to say about this.

Tomorrow we have one item left on the punch list.  We might be able to head south at mid-day.   I am so ready to be heading back to the desert.  The warm dry air is calling to me.


  1. Finally catching up with your posts again. Happy to learn you are post-surgery and heading south.

    We are from Corvallis, just 20 miles up the road from Riverbend. Grass seed is a major crop in the valley. They use field burning to sterilize the fields. That is likely what you are seeing.

    If you have a chance, stay at Seven Feathers. It is a real treat.

    We also go out of our way to buy royal pears at Harry and David's in Medford--right off the freeway and to have a late breakfast at Morning Glory in Ashland. Safe travels.

  2. Seems like since the Lord makes Her own schedule, she wouldn't be too upset either way. God is a full-timer!