Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mount Tahoma Veteran's Cemetery

Cranky! Cranky I am.  So cranky.  I'm too cranky for my shorts, too cranky for my shorts.  Oh wait, that was too sexy for my shorts.  What has me in such a maladjusted frame of mind, you wonder?  It's the feet.  I am zero for six on shoes.  All of my previous orders have been sent back whence they originated.  This is getting serious.  I have about 12 months worth of shoe left (the last pair of La Sportivas) and then there is nothing.   It's just aggravating for so much of my consciousness to be consumed by my damn feet!  Jim and I like to walk.  We enjoy going downtown and hiking here and there for hours at a whack.  That past time is at serious risk if I don't find something that my feet will tolerate.  I ordered another four pairs today from Zappos.  Hopefully something in the next box will prevent my metatarsal heads from trapping a sensory nerve when I walk.  I have to tell you, that will bring a person to their knees.
In other news, we went out to the Mount Tahoma Veteran's Cemetery yesterday to visit the burial sites of May and Pierce and my Dad.  It's a beautiful facility.  If you stand in the middle of the main road, Mt. Rainier is perfectly framed in the distance.

The Native Americans called this mountain Tahoma.  It was subsequently renamed by the northern Europeans who came later.
Today is the last day of the TdF.  That will free up our mornings, since we will no longer be glued to the television watching the day's DVRed stage.  The struggle for the 2nd and 3rd podium finishes has been epic.  Chris Froome and his team have done a masterful job of taking and controlling the lead.  It's always sad when it's over, now we must wait until the Vuelta d'Espana.
Other that this pitiful reporting, maties, I have zippity doo-dah all to relay to you.

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  1. Hope you are able to eventual find some shoes. It is so disappointing when something you really like is discontinued. Good Luck!

    Beautiful Cemetery!