Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cascade Diesel

Today was air conditioning day.  One of these days, we will learn that no maintenance will be "routine."   The air conditioning compressor is leaking refrigerant through a fitting.  Monaco, of course, does not offer that part.  The techs at Cascade are borrowing a crimping tool so they can put a new fitting on it.  We'll have to go back next Wednesday to get that completed.  We'll also be having brake shoes installed.  For whatever reason, when the brake drums were installed, they did not replace the shoes.  When Jim backs the RV, it's making that groaning noise again.  The tech could feel a vibration with his hand on the right front wheel when Jim was driving (very slowly).

This is an old snow plow on the yard.  It would be bad to become entangled in that machinery.

There is a shop dog.  He has a good life.  For much of the day he was sleeping in the back 2/3 of the seat of the office chair, and the woman who works there was perched on the front of the seat.  He's a demanding little dog.  Anytime he was left alone in the office he would bark and howl.

So tiring, being a shop dog.

Four more pairs of shoes arrived yesterday.  No decisions have been made yet.  Hopefully something will work out. 


  1. Well, into every life a little maintenance is bound to appear. It could always be worse.
    Good luck with the shoes.

  2. Oh my goodness, your shoe search is such a bummer! Fingers crossed that something works for you soon. You are making me very thankful that I have average feet! I agree...Shoes ARE so important!

    Metamorphosis Lisa