Saturday, July 27, 2013


No one was in the mood to ride this morning.  We didn't sleep well and I, at least, was too cranky for my shorts.  There was an RV show at the Tacoma Dome so we decided to go down and look at that.  One of the things about this area that just irritates the living snot out of me is the traffic.  You just can't get in the car and go somewhere.  Traffic was backed up for miles in both directions, in the north bound lane (we were heading south) there was a wrecked car and a police unit well off to the side, but people in the south bound lane had to gawk at it, as well as the north bound.  The north bound people had it way worse.  Just so aggravating.

Anyway, the RV show was pitiful.  They were mainly used, a lot of them came from the FMCA rally in Gillete, WY.  We wonder how that many RVs are transported across the country.  Apparently, they follow a circuit with this RV show.
We left and headed down toward the water looking for food.  We found a hot dog stand and decided to partake.  It's the first hotdog in about 18 months.  The waterfront used to be covered in lumber mills and pulp mills.  Most of them are gone now, which has significantly lowered "the aroma of Tacoma."  Much of the former industrial zone has been converted to public space.  It was just a spectacular day today.

Remnants of the Dickman lumber mill.


The base of the old Wigwam as it was called.  Back in the day, scrap lumber was burned in a tower.  After trees became scarce, they quit burning the scrap and started recycling it into products like plywood.

Bees on a rose.

The mountain was out in Tacoma.

It was also out on the I90 floating bridge.

Tomorrow we must ride, so we shall.

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