Sunday, July 7, 2013

Riding and Car Accidents (Not Ours)

Friday we rode up to Marymoor Park.  On the way out of the park we stopped to look at the radio controlled airplane field.  It's quite the operation.  The area is run by the Marymoor R/C Club and only members are allowed on.  They have taxiways, runways and places to put the planes while waiting to fly. 
Friday night we had a delightful dinner at the Carlson/O'briant's and their other guest happened to be an R/C pilot.  It's an interesting hobby.  One does not have to crash one's plane while learning to fly.  There are instructors who can over ride your controller if you're about to do something stupid with the plane.  This is good because there are literally hundreds of hours tied up in making these planes, not to mention mass quantities of money.  Who knew?

Today we did the Fall City ride out to Carnation.  This is the pit toilet that I did not use today.  It was full of angry bees. I hate bees!  After departing the pit toilet, a black mustang went by us at a high rate of speed.  We estimated he was doing 70 in a 35 mph zone.

Have you been to the Pike Place Market?  They are known for the fish, the produce and the flowers.  This is where the flowers are grown.  It is just delightful to ride by the fields and enjoy the colors of what is blooming.
Remember the black Mustang that was traveling at a high rate of speed?  Well here he is again.  It's astounding to me that no one was hurt.  All airbags deployed, but the people involved were walking around talking on the phone and taking pictures of the carnage,

The woman in the long pink dress and the man on the right side with the hat and black T shirt came out of the Mustang.  The woman in the white shirt with her arm raised is from the Jeep.  She was on the phone calling a towing company.  We didn't see it so we don't know what happened.

So that's what we have seen and done lately.  Tomorrow we go to the podiatrist for new orthotics and then the mobile RV tech comes to recharge the dash air conditioning.  Yay for freon, or what ever they're using these days.

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  1. Glad you are fine! Scary that you were riding with that crazy driver.

    The flowers at the market are always so fresh and beautiful. I would love to see the fields.