Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Hike up Highschool Trail

This morning Jim and I finished washing the bus.  Jim washes, I squeegee and then he finishes up drying with the chamois.  There is much surface area.  We finally leveled it, thinking enough time had elapsed since the new windshield was installed and that it would be safe to do so.  My inner ear is much happier now.
Since it was then later in the day, we decided we would do the "easy" side of Tiger Mountain.  Memory and fitness levels are interesting.  Last year we were in pretty good shape and the Highschool Trail did not seem all that difficult.  This year, we are not, and I have to say the entire trail seems like it's on a 45 degree angle.  It's the same with the Lake Sammamish Parkway.  I don't remember all of those hills at all. 
Here is a wildflower on the side of the trail.

The trail is mostly shaded, but there is some sun.  It's pretty in the deep woods.

So that was today.  

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