Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Trip to Bainbridge Island

Yesterday we took the ferry over to Bainbridge Island.  We needed to empty out May's safe deposit box at the bank, as well as close out her accounts there.  This is the view from the ferry in Seattle.


The tide was way out.  Jim said it was the lowest tide he had seen in quite some time.  That's Agate Pass, May's house is not visible from the bridge but it's farther down the beach.

So, while emptying the safe deposit box, we discovered another deceased sibling of May's.  We knew about Olga who died under mysterious circumstances,  and Herbert who died of an intestinal blockage, but we did not know know about William Otto.  He died before May's parents immigrated to Canada. 

Yesterday is probably the last time we'll be on Bainbridge.  It's just weird to have the "last time" thoughts.  Now that May is gone, there's no reason to go back.  Unless, of course, Jim goes to another high school reunion, which I will NEVER do again.

Today we did an out and back ride on East Lake Sammamish.  I rode really hard.  My climbing is somewhat better.  See the green stuff in the water?  Lily pads, acres of them. Talk about about a hazard to navigation.

So that's the last couple of days.  Tomorrow we are up and out to take the RV in to get the dash air conditioning either fixed or recharged or both.  Unfortunately the mobile guy would never call us back, so we have to drive out to North Bend with the bus.

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  1. Hope all goes well with your air conditioner!!

    Glad to hear your speed is returning on the bike. You go girl!!