Sunday, July 17, 2011

Walking Seattle

Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggghhh. Non-summer continues. Two more days off the bike. Yesterday we walked the brutal hills of Bellevue, that was good; part of the route is a 15% grade so it makes us pant. Today just sucked. After waiting (in vain) for it to clear we decided to go back to the Nordstrom sale and look for black capris, which I found (yea!). Then we drove over to Seattle.
This is looking north from the 520 floating bridge, crossing Lake Washington.

We parked at the garage next to Macy's, and saw this on a building wall across the street.

After visiting City Kitchens, my favorite store, we walked down to the market. I feel bad for the tourists, the weather has just been awful!

Downtown towering over the market.

Note the flower boxes with sun flowers.

We went into De Laurentis which is an Italian grocery store in the market. They've been there forever. Lots of really good stuff.

Balsamic vinegar, anyone?

Huge selection of ham, prosciutto, and etc.

I love to see a news stand, they're becoming a thing of the past.

Tucson has its Sonoran hot dog, Seattle has the Japan Dog. Who knew?

The weather heads are saying tomorrow will be better. That would be nice, the trouble with retail walking for entertainment is that it leads to spending money. I got a Wusthof Nikiri vegetable knife. It's really sharp. I cut a cherry tomato into paper thin slices. Pretty impressive.

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