Sunday, July 3, 2011

TdF and Dinner with Friends

Saturday was a beautiful day in the GPNW. Just stunning. Jim took the ferry over to Bainbridge to see his Mom. After I dropped him off, I returned via Pioneer Square, which can be seen below. It's an old part of the city.

Did you see the Tour de France yesterday? There was a huge crash at 8K. Contador got caught in it. One wonders why his team allowed him to be in the back that close to the line.

Then again at 2K, Contador was down. He lost serious time. Jim is rooting for Andy Schleck this year, I'd like to see Chris Horner get it.

It was sort of amusing, we watched the tour up until it was time to leave for the ferry, and we kept commenting on what a boring stage it was. As soon as we left the RV everything happened. Due to the continuing repeats I was able to see it.

We had dinner with Dave & Vicki and two of their friends. They brought this wonderful hand made dessert. It was just delightful. I learned that if you paint the crust with chocolate, the pastry cream will not make the crust soggy. Who knew?

Dinner was spectacular. Vicki made tea smoked salmon which was very good, as were the rice and the asparagus. Afterwards we played with my camera; I like this photo, I think it's pretty.

Today is overcast and gloomy, a typical 4th of July weekend. Next weekend is the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic, which we are not riding this year. My shoulders just will not tolerate that much time on a bike. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, and there will be a ridge of high pressure creating a tail wind.


  1. I love the picture and not just because of the wine in it :) may I have a copy? I love the preparation of the salmon, had it once with the CO's. it was yummy. We are counting down...

  2. oh yeah, i forgot to mention i am rooting for Chris Horner too, hope all goes well for him this tour.