Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mushy Legs and Dinner with Friends

We have had two more days of summer, maybe three. It's so hard to keep track of it. My geraniums were enjoying the heat.

Kim has a tomato. Note the use of the singular. It's just not warm enough to make them grow. Poor tomato, it's an orphan.

We rode yesterday, it was sort of a pitiful ride. I did not feel good on the bike. Last time I rode, it was great, felt strong, rode well. What happens? Why do one's legs turn to mush? The Seattle Century was going on; we were unaware of it, or we would not have chosen to be on their route. I have to question the wisdom of an urban century which uses very narrow bike paths with hills on blind corners. We ended up shouting at a few riders to single up, as they were taking the entire path. The herd mentality would appear to confer a sense of entitlement to all of the asphalt.

We had Kim and Jim over for dinner last night. They are such nice company. Kim doctored the asparagus for me, prior to Jim grilling it. I think I shall have to rethink my position on the use of salt. Currently I don't salt, but her asparagus is better than mine. Kim also uses balsamic vinegar, which I shall also adopt in the future. Jim made spatchcocked game hens, they turned out well. I have a previous post here, which shows the finished product at the bottom of the page. For some reason I didn't get a photo last night.

Kim brought this wine which is just delightful. It's from Walla Walla, and is a blend of 65% Semillon, 27% Sauvignon and 8% Muscadelle. The maker is Buty, look for it at your local wine monger.

Today water falls from the sky, and the weatherheads are predicting it will do so until late in the day. Woe, woe is me.

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