Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Google Car and Truck Service

We saw the Google car in the RV parking lot today. That was kind of cool.

The truck went in for service today. Friday, out of the blue, one of the back brakes started squealing. Each day it got worse, people were staring at us! This morning we took it in to Bellevue Chevrolet and they removed this teeny tiny rock from the brake caliper. One side of the rock is all shiny now from being polished by the rotor. There is no damage to the brakes, so we are happy.

Bellevue Chevy exceeded expectations. They got us in on the same day, they didn't start telling us what the problem was before seeing the truck (Issaquah Chevrolet lost a customer today by being condescending on the phone), they didn't charge us for removing the rock, they washed the truck, AND they paid for the rental. I love these guys.

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