Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Walk and a Tour of the Highlands

Went for a walk up the big hill today, it was a good little hike. We saw rose hips, look at their plump beauty.

Later we drove up to look at town houses in the Highlands. It's an unbelievably big development in an area called Grand Ridge. They started up there in 2004 and have built houses everywhere. We're just stunned at how many houses they've managed to squeeze in there.
These are thistles. The little yellow blob bottom right is a gold finch. They love thistles.

We went farther up the hillside to where the huge expensive (and often ugly) houses on big lots are. I don't get those houses, they're in the deep woods with no view. There are deer.

Someone has planted daisies everywhere.

This is the view from the housing lots down slope from the giant houses in the woods. This would be better than being in the deep dark forest. You can barely make out the Seattle skyline on the left, and Bellevue on the right.

Tomorrow should be better and dryer than today. Hopefully we will get a long ride in.

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