Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dinner on the Island

Today my beloved joined the Medicare generation. Medicare!
We went over to Jim's Mother's house for a celebratory dinner. She lives on Agate Pass on the other side of a ferry. It's a time consuming process. One must drive to the ferry, arrive early, cross on the ferry and then drive to one's destination.
A fire boat at the ferry dock.

The ferry, it's big.

Cranes at Harbor Island.

The view from May's back deck.

Here are Jim and May.

We ended up cooking over there, as May was not feeling great. Jim grilled on the truck tail gate.

It was a pleasant evening. May's deaf as a post. Jim has to repeat everything I say to her. His new name is Universal Translator.
Here we are at the ferry terminal returning to Seattle.

So, Jim is now eligible for senior discounts.

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  1. Once again, Happy Birthday Jim, it's a milestone b-day and like I always say, celebrate!