Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fulda to Berlin

Today we drove from Fulda to Berlin, and relearned the lesson that Google's European drive times can not be trusted. Apparently they drive very very fast. We were also slowed down by much autobahn construction in the former eastern zone. So this is what we saw today.
An old ruined castle.

We stopped at a highway restaurant for a bio-break. It was .70 euro to use the facilities. Put money in machine, go through turnstile.

They did have a very nice salad bar.

More food at the restaurant.

We laughed at the product placement here. Wine next to the Red Bull energy drink, all next to the autobahn.

Cute doggo outside.

A motohome with its toad. The chassis on this RV is pretty stout. It's the only RV we saw towing. We did see many cars towing travel trailers.

What IS this? It's everywhere. There are acres of yellow stuff.

After a longish day in the car we arrived in Berlin. Our GPS took us right to the hotel. I am never driving in Europe again without it. She has access to traffic conditions and was able to route us around a few closed roads. I'm a believer! We did laundry and used our new clotheslines.

The internet at Berlin Ibis is pretty terrible, I'm not sure how much posting there will be from here. Tomorrow we need to get an itinerary together and book hotels. There are many full hotels where we want to be. My theory is that we are competing with the 10,000 or so tour buses full of old people we saw on the road today. We did not expect to encounter full hotels this early in the tourist season.

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