Friday, May 6, 2011

Fulda Germany, day 1

We are in Fulda. It has been a very excruciating day. The flight from Charlotte is 7.5 hours, so there's not really enough time to sleep. Essentially we were up all night. We arrived Frankfurt at 0630 hours local, picked up the car and drove to Fulda. We were too early to check in, so we staggered around Fulda trying to stay awake. The old part of Fulda is very old, has many old buildings and is cute. They have a delightful park and pedestrian corridor. If I weren't so tired, I would elaborate on Fulda's charms but I am beat, so there you go. After staggering a bit, we attempted lunch. I think we're in trouble with German cuisine. There is an awful lot of wurst and processed meat and saturated fat. Jim and I tend to adhere to a low fat diet, so this is going to be a challenge. Plus we committed a grievous error in not getting a German/English dictionary. German is remarkably un-English like. There are many words we can not even guess at. This resulted in a a disastrous lunch order which I was unable to eat. I was guessing flammkuchen would be quiche-like but it was not. We're trying not to be too despondent about the food situation, but at the moment I would sell Jim's little finger for a fruit, vegetable or yoghurt. Tomorrow we're on the hunt for a grocery store. Here are pictures taken today.

The cathedral.

Saint Boniface.

Processed food.

Old building.

Prince Somebody's palace.

Notes to self: bring more zip lock bags, double bag everything. Avis accepted a lot of money for rental car insurance, but neglected to mention the 850 euro deductible. We were not happy about that, next time we'll ask the question before renting with a given vendor.
It's really weird, all of the Muzak is American sung in English. What's up with that?

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