Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stuttgart to Trier

We're in Trier after a long, but uneventful drive. It seemed that the entire stretch of autobahn from Stuttgart to Karlsruhe was under construction. Trier is old, it was founded in 16 BC. The gate across the street from the hotel is from the 2nd century. In recent years the territory has been back and forth between French and German rule several times. We're actually very close to Luxembourg, which can be seen by the french fries being sold in paper cones on the street.

This is what we see across the street, the Porta-Nigra, or Black Gate.

We're here for 5 nights. Then we fly home from Frankfurt, unless the volcano in Iceland shuts down air traffic. We have internet here, which we have to pay for, but there should be pictures forth coming.

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