Monday, May 16, 2011

Dresden - Churches of

Today we saw an amazing thing. We went back into Old Dresden to see the inside of the Frauenkirche. The roughly translates to The Church of our Lady. It's Lutheran. As we have previously seen, here is the exterior of the church. That's a statue of Martin Luther foreground.

I got this and several other pictures off the web. This was taken in 1967. Not only is the church in ruins, but look behind it. There are no buildings. All of the square and the church is recent.

The interior of the church is just stunning. When they were redoing it, they didn't have complete records of what it had looked like. They asked people who had been married there for wedding pictures. That's one of the ways they recreated the interior.

The pipes from the organ. The old organ is gone, and these pipes are now decorative, but they are gorgeous.

I took this today and left it big. Click on it to enlarge, you'll see the plus sign in the circle go to a minus sign when it's as large as it can go. It's just so beautiful!

Details from the above.

The rows windows on the right are trompe l'oeil.

The domed ceiling.

Detail of the dome.

After leaving the Lutherans, we visited the Catholics.

It's another beautiful church.

Their organ pipes.

John the Baptist.

Further rejoice! it's Spargelzeit! Asparagus is grown in Germany and is in season. It's on every menu in Germany, there is a lot of white as asparagus as well.

What is this pink fruit? I've never seen one before.

Beautiful city, beautiful churches. It's worth the trip just for the Frauenkirche.

Is the US news covering the alleged sexual assault case of the IMF chief? If he did it, what an IDIOT!

Tomorrow it's an early up for the long haul to Munich.

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