Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Photo Albums & a Walk at the Greenway

Yesterday we photographed 32 photo albums, created 32 folders on the external hard drive and copied 1,800 or so photos off to the Seagate. It was a day; we weren't able to use the tripod due to glare, so I ended up leaning over the books with the camera, and Jim had to reach over to flip pages and move the books for me. We both had serious neck problems at the end of it. We finished up today and I am glad it is done. Tomorrow we have to go through them all looking for post cards. We did have some sticking where a post card was opposite a photo, so we need to get paper between them. I just happened to have a ream of acid free paper in storage!

Today we went out to Anne Springs Close Greenway for some exercise. We walked a fair distance, We saw this lady farrier working on a horse in the parking lot. Talk about a career that would be hard on the back.

Everything involves hunching over that foot. The horse was quite obliging about it all.

We walked on to where the goats used to be. The field is now full of a bunch of ratty looking sheep that need grooming and two donkeys. One came trotting over for a head scratch.

It was a pleasant, if somewhat humid walk. We were glad to be outside.

Tomorrow will see us doing laundry, putting the photo albums back in storage and visiting UPS to send a box of stuff back to Tucson.

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