Monday, September 23, 2013

Garryowen to Butte, MT

Oy!  It has been a day!  The wonderful tail wind we had going east was a rollicking head/cross wind all day.  I can not count the number of times the bus was pushed on to the rumble strip by unexpected gusts.  When we reached Butte I was feeling very jangled from the noise and the motion.  It's 5:45 and it is still hooting.

This is what it looks like.

I am certain you wonder, what happened with the entry way step?  There is a drive shaft that moves the step in and out, and it has sheared.  The mobile tech arrived after 4 hours (64 mile drive) and removed the wiring to the motor.  Using Jim's giant zip ties and some baling wire (really), he got the step stowed and restrained.   Every time either one of us approaches the door, we both yell in unison "no step" so that we don't step out as usual and break an ankle.  We have to get the part from Monaco, and we'll go back to Harrisburg to get Erik to fix it.
So - about Good Sam roadside assistance when something is broken.  They pay for mileage for the tech to reach you.  That's it.  Be aware of that fact because the tech who came out for the step tried to bill us for mileage in both directions, at $2 a mile.  That's a party foul.  
In sporting news, Oracle has come from behind and is now within 3 races of winning the America's Cup.  I swear, it's like aliens took the Emirates-New Zealand crew up into space and replaced them with weekend sailors.  The Oracle is boat is now faster, but E-NZ has made some astoundingly bad decisions that have cost them races.  I just can't stand it.

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