Saturday, June 15, 2024

Weather, the Former Coup Plotter and Spying

I can not get over the weather!!!!!  It's June 15, it's 55F (12.7C), the sky is throwing hail, rain squalls, and the wind is up.  Despite predictions of the hottest summer ever, I'm not seeing it.

The Supreme court did not ban bump stocks.  The Las Vegas shooting was so horrific because the shooter had a bump stock which allows an AR-15 to repeatedly fire rapidly.  They told Congress to write a law banning them, and they would not over turn it.  As if that will ever happen.  They did unanimously uphold the selling of mifepristone in states where abortion is legal.  One wonders if pharmacies will ship into red states or not.  The orange menace went to the Capitol for a love-fest with the republicans.  I have never seen such a bunch of sniveling sycophants as there were on display.  Look at the face of John Barrasso (R-Wyoming) as he watches orange blow out his two candles.  That's the smile you give a toddler who has decided not to smash the cake.  These people are just pathetic.

Look at their faces.  Also read the chyron.

While he was speaking to the sniveling sycophants, orange referred to Milwaulkee as a sh*t-hole city.  That would be where the republican convention is being held.  Nice public relations, eh?  Some progressive people got a bill board up 14 hours later. 

This was on twitter awhile ago.  If you have women relatives or friends using period trackers, consider this.

"Others" just might be law enforcement in places like Texas.

This video showed up on twitter again recently.  The link to play it is here.  Every time I see this, it makes me laugh. 

That's it then.  My spleen is now properly vented and I am ready to go about my day.


  1. In answer to the question posed on the video: Sanity. Sanity prevents me from doing it.

  2. NOPE, just nope. I am steering clear of all news that does not effect my little bubble. Glad to be old- On NPR yesterday, person was saying that throughout dumb-assed human history "the end has been nigh", however this time they mean it- the deciding factors are , Climate change, nukes, and guns. That's it pretty much. but , yeah, vote blue.....

  3. That sounds like our weather -- not much different. The bump-stock thing is so unbelievable. Extremists have way too much sway in our government. Common sense is out the window.

  4. what's with the axe?

    I just don't get it. all I can figure is Trump has plenty of blackmail material on every one of those disgusting pathetic little snivelers.

  5. First off, I'm not an idiot so catapulting myself is not in my wheelhouse.
    I'm with Ellen, IQ45 must have a pile of dirt on a lot of people. The Magats seem to think he is the 2nd coming of Christ. Though, if they knew their Bible at all, and if my memory serves me correctly, a false prophet is to come beforehand. I suspect, if any of that has a ring of truth to it, IQ45 is likely the it.

  6. Common sense prevents me from sitting on a catapault and being launched into a lake. Sadly common sense seems to be in short supply in the US these days, or decade really.

  7. I couldn't believe the bump stock ruling. Holy hell. Even the NRA thought they should be banned. Sometimes I can hardly believe our reality is real.